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The Indira Gandhi National Open University established by an Act of the Parliament of India in 1985, is the largest university of the world. At present it is serving educational needs of about 2.2 million students through open and distance learning system in India and 35 other countries of the world. The university has established a large network of supporting institutions to provide various services to the learners at their doorsteps. The university meets educational aspirations of the students through 21 Schools of studies and network of 62 Regional Centers, more than 2053 study centers and 49 overseas centers. At present IGNOU is catering about 13-15 percent of all students enrolled in higher education in the country, by offering about 158 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes comprising around 1500 courses. The university offers a large number of need based study programmes through multiple-channels of learning. Studying with IGNOU is different from the conventional system and it offers flexibility in the sense that you carry on with your study at your own PLACE, PACE and CONVENIENCE. Regional Centre, Shimla is managing the network of IGNOU in H.P. through 23 Study Centres, 24 Programme Centres 3 Special Study Centres and 5 CNRIs.

"NSS provides students with opportunities for serving the Community, Nation and Society. It also provides them with an opportunity to interact with people around the campus creatively and constructively and to put their educations to concrete social use. Hence all should come forward in the field of social work/service and serve the nation with dedication and honesty."

NSS: Brief Introduction

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was formally launched on 24th September, 1969, the birth centenary year of the father of the nation. Hence the idea of involving students in the task of national service dates back to the times of Mahatma Gandhi who tried to impress upon his student audience that they should always keep before them their supreme responsibility. The first duty of the students should be to prepare themselves for final dedication to the service of the community. It (Scheme) is also essential for the overall development of the personality of the students.


The Study Centre (Code No. 1101) at Centre of Excellence, Govt. Degree College Sanjauli, Shimla-171006 was established in 1986. It was the first study centre of the IGNOU which offered two study programmes initially viz BDP (BA) and MBA, with a strength 50 students. Today, the centre is serving about more than 1500 students registered in over 55 different study programmes. The study centre provides the following services to the learners through a dedicated team of part time staff and Academic Counselors: All pre-admission and post-admission information and counseling services.

Counseling sessions are organized at the Study Centre every Sunday (11AM to 4PM) except Examination days. Assignments of the learners are accepted at the study centre as per schedule and are evaluated and returned to the learners before the commencement of the Term-end Examination.Practical sessions, seminars, computer training in different programmes as per requirements of the study programmes are organized by the Study Centre. Proposals for various projects and research oriented courses are accepted, forwarded, supervised, evaluated and forwarded to the IGNOU, New Delhi.

All practical and term-end exams in all the study programmes are conducted at the study centre in June and December. All post-examination services and information are provided at the study centre. The study centre is equipped with audio-video system and also maintains a reference library. The University Convocation is organized at the Study Centre as per the schedule of the University to award degrees to the learners.

Study Centre timings are: Thursday to Saturday --12:30PM to 4PM Sunday --10AM to 5PM.

New Initiatives of IGNOU:

The University has introduced Walk-in Admission Scheme for all its programmes. Through this scheme, students can get admission at any time. The session will commence twice a year from January and July respectively. The study material for all the courses is now being dispatched to the learners from the Regional Centre, Shimla which earlier used to be dispatched from Delhi. The University has introduced Assignments (Compulsory Component) for all programmes from January 2008. Students have to submit one assignment per course (unless mentioned otherwise). The students will not be allowed to appear in examination without the submission of assignments. The University has introduced Exam Fees@ Rs. 60/- per course to minimize the casuals. Examination forms for all the courses are accepted at the Regional Centre, Khalini, Shimla-171002.

Requests along with requisite fees for the change of Regional Centre, Study Centre, Exam Centre, Study Programme/Courses, re-admission are accepted at the Regional Centre. Shimla, which may be made on the prescribed forms and addressed to the Regional Director, Regional Centre, Chauhan Building , Khallini, Shimla-171002.

IGNOU Regional Centre, Shimla has activated its own Website: which the students can visit for queries/information/ feedback. The Study Centre, Shimla can also been reached through its e-mail ID. i.e. IGNOU Regional Centre Shimla has re-started its interactive Radio-Counselling (Phone-in Radio Counselling) from All India Radio, Shimla and the Counselling Schedule is: 11AM to 11:30AM every IInd and IVth Sunday of the month.

What We Expect from our Learners:

Go through the Programme Guide thoroughly, which provides almost all information. Always keep direct and continuous contact with your Study Centre, Regional Centre and IGNOU Headquarters and maintain a separate file of the correspondence.

After receiving the study material, ensure that you have received the right material for the course opted by you in your chosen medium of instruction. In case of any discrepancy, contact the Regional Centre of IGNOU at Khalini, Shimla-2

Go through the study material carefully. Note the difficulties in the blank space provided in the margin Attempt self assessment questions. You may also consult the references given at the end of each unit. Counseling sessions are organized at the study centre-every Sunday (11:00 AM to 4:00 PM) for the benefit of the learners. Please keep in mind that Counseling is not page by page teaching; it is meant to focus on your problems. Difficulties, queries are addressed in the Counseling session. So, make sure to attend every session and make the best use of the available opportunities.

The assignment component carries 25-30 percent credit of your study programme. Assignment questions are dispatched to the learners along with the study material. After going through the study material, prepare the assignments in your own words or language. Do not copy or type them. Only handwritten assignments are accepted.

Submit the assignments at the earliest so that they are evaluated in time and returned to you before the commencement of term-end examination and there is no delay in the reflection of grades in your result card. Do not forget to write your name, enrolment number, study programme and course code. Address and attach a photocopy of the assignment question paper. You can also collect evaluated assignments personally from the study centre.

Term-end Examinations are held in the month of June and December every year for which the examination form with fees @ 60/- per course, without late fees is required to be submitted to the Regional Centre,Shimla by the end of March and September respectively.

Always bring your identity Card issued by the Regional Centre while visiting your study centre. I-Card as well as Hall Ticked should be available with the learner while taking the examination.

Make use of the Audio-Video learning system such as Radio-Conferencing. IGNOU Gian Darshan ,and Gian Vani Channels.

Do not forget to put your proposals for project work as per schedule.

For general queries, contact the coordinator and for programme specific queries contact the concerned Assistant Coordinators at the Study Centre.

You can also access required information on the following websites and phone Nos.
Regional Centre Phone Nos: 0177-2624611, 26242612, 2624613, Study Centre C.O.E. G.D.C. Sanjauli, Shimla Phone No: 0177-2841843,

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