Emotional Wellbeing

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A counselling cell is a service offered by businesses or institutions to help people who are going through emotional, psychological, or personal challenges. Typically, experienced counsellors who are able to offer confidant support and advice to assist people manage with a range of obstacles, such as stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal troubles, scholastic difficulties, and job worries, work in these cells. Challenges and complexities are part of contemporary society. Through expert advice and counselling programmes, the Counselling Cell hopes to equip students with the tools they need to successfully navigate these issues. with the aim of addressing and assisting the student community's emotional and psychological problems. With assistance from a team of staff members, the principal, and a student counselor, government college Sanjauli will establish the "Counselling Cell" in the college grounds. Each student's individual potential, mental health issues, stress and anxiety, which is both inherent and hidden, is the main emphasis of this program.

Key functions of Counselling Cell include:



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