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Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla-5
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India Grade 'B+'

Journalism and Mass Communication
Mass communication is the process of exchanging information through mass media to large segments of the population. In other words, mass communication refers to imparting and exchanging information on a large scale to a wide range of people. It is usually understood for relating to various forms of media, as these technologies are used for the dissemination of information, of which journalism and advertising are part of. Mass communication differs from other forms of communication, such as interpersonal communication or organizational communication, because it focuses on particular resources transmitting information to numerous receivers. The study of mass communication is chiefly concerned with how the content of mass communication persuades or otherwise affects the behavior, the attitudeopinion, or emotion of the people receiving the information.
Normally, transmission of messages to many persons at a time is called mass communication. But in a complete sense, mass communication can be defined as the process through which some information is circulated extensively among people nearby and also throughout far extending areas such as entire countries or the globe.
Through mass communication, information can be transmitted quickly to many people who generally stay far away from the sources of information. Mass communication is being done through many mediums, such as radiotelevisionsocial networkingbillboardsnewspapersmagazinesfilm, and the Internet.

Sandesh Kumar

H.O.D. (Journalism & Mass Communication)

Social Media Champion for Centre of Excellence

e-mail ID: jmcsanjauli@gmail.com

Course Outcomes

Courses Offered


  1. Press note foundation stone girlsl hostel, arts block and stage
  2. Hindi Diwas 2022
  5. 23.12.2021 Badminton Tournament paper cutting
  6. Certificates of Bhawana Thakur and Shivani Khachi
  7. NSS Volunteer selected for Republic Day 2020
  8. Sh.VN Sharma elected PTA president 2021-22
  9. Pustak Vimochan Dr. Snehi
  10. Blood Donation Camp Oct.2021
  11. Sustainable Development:Issues & Challenges(October 22 & 23, 2021)
  12. A Report of Seminar Sustainable Development
  13. Seminar Sustainable Development
  14. Boxing Champion Erika
  15. Press note (Paper Cutting 2nd October, 2021, Gandhi Jayanti)
  16. Press note (Counselling session on add on courses)
  17. 21.09.2021 NSS RDC Selection Camp
  18. 14.09.2021 Hindi Diwas
  19. 28.08.2021 Paper Cutting (National Seminar)
  20. 15.06.2021 Online Webinar on Covid-19
  21. 14.06.2021 Online Webinar organized (NSS)
  22. 31.05.2021 Onilne compaign by NSS Volunteers(Paper Cutting)
  23. PAPER CUTTING युवा साहित्य संवाद एवं काव्य पाठ मे छाए संजौली महाविद्यालय के होनहार, मृणाल,आँचल हुईं सम्मानित!
  24. युवा साहित्य संवाद एवं काव्य पाठ मे छाए संजौली महाविद्यालय के होनहार, मृणाल,आँचल हुईं सम्मानित!
  25. गर्व का विषय है कि देवभूमि हिमाचल की बेटी एवं संजौली कॉलेज,शिमला की छात्रा मृनाल जोशी ने "राष्ट्रीय युवा संसद" उत्सव में गरीबी दूर करने संबंधी सराहनीय भाषण देकर प्रदेश का नाम ऊंचा किया है। प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी ने हमारी बेटी के इस संबोधन को सुनने के लिए आमजन का आह्वान किया है, मैं विशेष तौर पर उनका आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ। बेटी मृनाल को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।
  26. 16.12.2020 NSS Volunteers have started an initiative -'padho aur pdhaao abhiyan' under which 14 Volunteers are teachings their nearby school students whose studies have been impacted by the COVID lockdown
  27. 15.12.2020 Media coverage regarding Mayor's visit in Amar Ujala
  28. 06.12.2020 NSS Volunteer of our college had organized 'Localised Prabhat Feries(प्रभात फेरी)' in order to observe 'FIT -INDIA WEEK(1st -6th December)
  29. 26.11.2020 Constitution Day 2020
  30. Vigilance to Empowerment:Our Fight Against COVID-19
  31. 27.10.2020 Online Declamation Competition 27th October, 2020
  32. 24.10.2020 NSS unit of our college celebrated the National Solidarity day with the NSS unit of Marian College Kuttikanam ( Kerala) on 24th this month (Paper cutting)
  33. 28.09.2020 Poster Making Competition (Paper cutting)
  34. 24.09.2020 Virtual celebration of 51st NSS.
  35. हिमाचल में UG अंतिम वर्ष की परीक्षाओं को लेकर बड़ी अपडेट- जरूर पढ़ें खबर
  36. 25.02.2020 Seven Day NSS Camp w.e.f. 17th to 24th February, 2020
  37. 29.11.2019 A lecture series on the topic Female Health, Hygiene and Aids Awareness.
  38. 28.11.2019 Career Counseling and placement cell of the college organised a special talk on skill development to get employment.
  39. 26.11.2019 Celebration of Constitution Day 2019
  40. 22.11.2019 Nukkad Natak performed by Rovers and Rangers
  41. 19.11.2019 Bhashan evem Lekhan Pratiyogita at GSSS Janoti
  42. 18.11.2019 संजौली कॉलेज में महात्मा गान्धी जी की 150वीं जयन्ती के आयोजन में विद्यार्थियों को मिली कानूनी सलाह
  43. 16.11.2019 (onwards) Paper Cutting of Drug Abuse (Compaign)
  44. 16.11.2019 संजौली कॉलेज में 'नशा मुक्त हिमाचल' मुहिम के दूसरे दिन हुई अभिभावकों के साथ परिचर्चा, एक सुर से उठी नशे के दानव के समूल विनाश की मांग।
  45. 16.11.2019 The report of PTA Meeting General Hous on Drug Abuse (Compaign)
  46. 15.11.2019 Paper Cutting (Newspapers Cuttings of Anti-Drug campaign)
  47. 08.11.2019 Paper Cutting SJVNL Competation
  48. 15.11.2019 संजौली कॉलेज में विशाल रैली निकालकर किया नशे का विरोध
  49. 01.11.2019 National Unity Day 2019 (paper cutting)
  50. 31.10.2019 National Unity Day 2019 Pledge(Report)
  51. 31.10.2019 National Unity Day 2019 Pledge(Report) report generated by Kapil Dev
  52. 23.10.2019 The students from B.Sc 2 year of Centre of excellence Govt college Sanjauli in the Department of Botany visited the Directorate of Horticulture Navbahar.
  53. 23.10.2019 Press note-cum-Report H.P. University Inter College Shooting (Men & Women) Championship 2019-20
  54. 17.10.2019 Departmental function regarding the climate change, for this we have screened a documentary "ICE ON FIRE".
  55. 04.10.2019 INTERACTION SESSION FOR NCC CADETS Of Centre of Excellence, GDC Sanjauli
  56. 04.10.2019 NCC Activity ALL INDIA UK TREKKING EXPEDITION- BOYS (2019) organised by the 78 UK BN NCC at Ranibagh Haldwani, from 27th Sep to 4th Oct,2019.
  57. 04.10.2019 Lecture on "Drug Free Himachal" and today it was lecture of the series this year (2019)
  58. 24.09.2019 संजौली कॉलेज में रोवर्स एंड रेंजर्स ने की कार्यशाला आयोजित
  62. 20.09.2019 Press note 2019-20 CSCA Body
  63. 20.09.2019 Paper cutting NSS Golden Jubilee
  64. 04.09.2019 Press note Anit Drug Compaign
  65. 04.09.2019 Paper Cutting Wild Life Conservation (Zoology Department)
  66. 30.08.2019 Paper Cutting on Fit India Movement 2019
  67. 29.08.2019 Paper Cutting Visit Report on Poultry Farm Kamlahi, Tutikandi, Shimla
  68. 23.08.2019 Paper Cutting One Day NSS Camp
  69. 11.10.2019 Paper Cutting Second Day Golden Jubilee Celebration 1969-2019 Report
  70. 10.10.2019 Second Day Golden Jubilee Celebration 1969-2019 Report
  71. 10.10.2019 Golden Jubilee Celebration 1969-2019 paper cutting
  72. 09.10.2019 Golden Jubilee Celebration 1969-2019 (Report)
  73. 01.08.2019 Report OSA
  74. 02.08.2019 Paper Cutting of OSA
  75. 01.08.2019 Report OSA
  76. 09.07.2019 Paper Cutting of Induction Meeting 2019 (Report)
  77. 08.07.2019 Induction Meeting 2019 (Report)
  78. 21.06.2019 Yoga Day 2019 (Report)
  79. 13.06.2019 Press note regarding Online Admission portal inauguration
  80. 03.04.2019 Paper Cutting Dainik Baskar and amar ujala Bhukam rodhi Makan
  81. 02.04.2019 संजौली कॉलेज में 'भूकंपरोधी मकान, सुरक्षित शिमला' कार्यक्रम
  82. 31.03.2019 Paper Cutting Shimla Bhaskar Farerwell 2019
  83. 30.03.2019 A Report of Farewell Party 2019
  84. 23.03.2019 Paper Cuttting Annual Prize Distribution function 2019
  85. 22.03.2019 A Report or Press note annual prize distribution function, Prof. Sunil Gupta, Chief Guest
  86. 21.03.2019 Mathematics Department Function Paper Cutting March, 2019
  87. 20.03.2019 A Report Science Day Paper Cutting
  88. 20.03.2019 Science Day Paper Cutting
  89. 19.03.2019 Pressnote Science Day March, 2019
  90. 19.03.2019 A Report of Commerce Department Function March, 2019 (Eventastic)
  91. 17.03.2019 FETE organized by Institution March 2019
  92. 16.03.2019 Aids Awareness Report
  93. 16.03.2019 CSCA Function Report March, 2019
  94. 16.03.2019 Paper cutting CSCA Function March, 2019
  95. 10.03.2019 Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad press note page no. 4 amar ujala
  96. 09.03.2019 Press note International Women's Day 2019
  97. 08.03.2019 Annual Fest March 2019
  98. 08.03.2019 Women's Day March 2019
  99. 19.01.2019 Rozgar Mela
  100. 04.01.2019 Red Cross All India five day camp
  101. 22.12.2018 A report regarding Campaign against Drug Abuse "Drug Free Himachal"
  102. 15.12.2018 Drug awareness Programme, Paper Cutting
  103. 15.12.2018 Bio Tech Workshop
  104. 08.12.2018 A Workshop Orgainsed by ECO Club, Govt. College Sanjauli, Shimla-6
  105. 08.12.2018 NCC Blood Donation Camp
  106. 25.11.2018 All India Inter University Kabaddi (Women) Championship 2018-19 final day HPU Winner
  107. 24.11.2018 All India Inter University Kabaddi (Women) Championship 2018-19 third Day HPU Winner
  108. 23.11.2018 All India Inter University Kabaddi (Women) Championship 2018-19 Second Day HPU Winner
  109. 22.11.2018 All India Inter University Kabaddi (Women) Championship 2018-19 Opening Ceremony, Amar Ujala
  110. 11.10.2018 Political Science press note
  111. 20.09.2018 Painting Championship(Amar Ujala)
  112. 20.09.2018 CSCA Body(Amar Uajala)
  113. 21.09.2018 Bhashan Sparda, Akshay Singta (Amar Ujala)
  114. 23.09.2018 Eye Donation Lecture (Amar Ujala)
  115. 07.09.2018 Drug Free Himachal Pradesh, paper cutting Amar Ujala and Dainik Bhaskar (Shimla Bhaskar)
  116. 27.03.2018 CSCA Function 2017-18 Page 6, 27th March, 2018, Amar Ujala
  117. 22.03.2018 Pankaj Qualified IIT JAM 2018 in Physics, Paper cutting, Shimla Bhaskar, page no. 1
  118. 09.02.2018 Mock Drill, Punjab Kesri (Shimla Kesri page no. 5), Amarj Ujala page no. 3, Divya Himachal page no.4
  119. 23.01.2018 Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad, MIT Pune (Press note) Punjab Kesri(page no.2,Shimla Kesri), Amar Ujala (page no. 4)
  120. 16.12.2017 Workshop of English Department in College Auditorium(Press Note)
  121. 16.12.2017 1st Day NSS Camp. December, 2017 at Govt.College Sanjauli, Shimla-171006, Programme Officers, Dr. Minakshi Sharma and Dr. Inder Singh Thakur(Press Note)
  122. 14.12.2017 Paper Cutting of Blood Donation Camp, Organized by NSS Unit, Govt.College Sanjauli, Shimla-171006, Programme Officers, Dr. Minakshi Sharma and Dr. Inder Singh Thakur in Amar Ujala on 14.12.2017 at page no. 4
  123. 13.12.2017 Blood Donation Camp, Organized by NSS Unit, Govt.College Sanjauli, Shimla-171006, Programme Officers, Dr. Minakshi Sharma and Dr. Inder Singh Thakur
  124. 02.12.2017 Paper Cutting Red Ribbon Club at Sanjauli, College
  125. 01.12.2017 Paper Cutting Women Legal Rights at Sanjauli, College
  126. 29.11.2017 Rashtriya Samprdaik Sadbhav Pratishthan by NSS Unit GC Sanjauli, Shimla-6
  127. 28.11.2017 Communal Harmony and NCC Week December 2017
  128. 24.11.2017 Flag Day (Sampradaik Sadbhavna Rally) by NSS Unit, GC Sanjauli, Shimla-171006
  129. 11.11.2017 Training of Trainers (TOT)
  130. 04.10.2017 One Day Blood Donation Camp Organised Red Cross Cell of Govt. College Sanjauli, Shimla-6(Press note, paper cutting)
  131. 03.10.2017 One Day Blood Donation Camp Organised Red Cross Cell of Govt. College Sanjauli, Shimla-6
  132. 30.09.2017 Celebration of Wild Life Week By ECO Club
  133. 24.09.2017 HPU Inter College Kabaddi (Women) Championship 3rd day(last) PG College Dharamshala Winner
  134. 23.09.2017 HPU Inter College Kabaddi (Women) Championship 2nd day
  135. 22.09.2017 HPU Inter College Kabaddi (Women) Championship 1st Day
  136. 21.09.2017 HP State Council for Science, Technology and Environment Govt. of HP organized a Popular Lecturer on Climate Change and its impact on Himalyan Region
  137. 18.09.2017 Oath Taking Ceremony 2017-18
  138. 26.08.2017 One Day NSS Cleanliness Camp in the College campus and surrounding
  139. 22.08.2017 Tree plantation by ECO Club and NSS
  140. 17.08.2017 Happy Independence Day
  141. 12.05.2017 AMAR UJALA, SJVN NEWS
  144. 29.03.2017 IIT JAM -2017 Qualified Students Paper Cutting
  145. 28.03.2017 IIT JAM -2017 Qualified Students
  146. 25.03.2017Student debate pros, cons of social media (The Tribune organises inter-colelge event Sanjauli college emerges winner)
  147. 23.03.2017 Geography Society of geography department organized debate and declamation contest on the WORLD WATER DAY
  148. 22.03.2017 Awareness Pgrogramme on HIV by Economics Department
  149. 18.03.2017 Geographical Society of Geography Department, GC Sanjauli organized a seminar for the students of geography
  150. 25.12.2016 HPU Inter College Shooting Championship 19, 20 December, 2016 at Sports Complex Shimla
  151. 18.06.2016 Jijiveesha NGO today visit in Varidashrma near Basantpur
  152. 07.11.2016 Press Note of SJVN Organized one day seminar on Public Participation in Eradication of Corruption
  153. 03.10.2016 Press Note of NSS Function October 2016
  154. 26.09.2016- CSCA Oath Taking Ceremony 2016-17
  155. 14.09.2016- Press note of Hindi Diwas 2016
  156. 10.09.2016- Press note of OSA 2016
  157. 09.09.2016- Press note of World Clean Up Day 2016
  158. 01.09.2016- Press note of H.P.U. Inter College Chaimpionship(Group-I) and NSS Camp IGMC, Shimla
  159. 01.09.2016- Press note on Remote Sensing
  160. 17.03.2016 Dalit Speak Debate 2017