Views of our IQAC members regarding student charter

Dr. Subhash C Gupta
(Former Principal Govt. PG College Bilaspur and PSO-State Council for ST&E, HP)
Student’s Charter-Mutual Partnership Deep

Student’s Charter means a document deed or agreement that reflects the relationship of needs and deeds between teachers and taught. A community of teachers and students living in harmony. This community can understand, interact, the needs and necessities of today and has the capability to solve future challenges. The main aim is to progress and to progress and to achieve higher and higher and to serve this Biosphere.
Role of Teacher: A teacher has to understand the needs of students. This is the main gap where we the teachers do not understand the requirement of students. The teacher should understand the age and mental status of students. He has to correspond with his profile as a student of that era. Here the role of nursery or Kindergarten or Primary teacher has to be emphasized. The first stage teacher is very important as it is he who tells us the alphabet and numerals the simple addition or subtraction.
High School teaching or college level teaching involves higher standards. Are we able to cope with the need of students at that level. It is here the choice of students becomes tough and tougher. It is very difficult to decide which course to follow. Humanities, Science or commerce.
No choice for the Students but to surrender A little higher you are to surrender to whatever comes in your bag. You may like it or not. In other words surrender comes. My dear student has to study under compulsion the course which is allotted. Here comes the role of Charter. The student has history of past, the present as is now and the dream for the future. It is at this stage he becomes a philosopher a thinker. He has desire to work for better society. He wants to accumulate knowledge, Consolidate, comprehend and propagate it.
Role of students: Every action of the student should reflect the missing vision and goal of the institution. He should participate in all academic, curricular and extracurricular activities of the college or university.
Understand, appreciate and follow the University’s Vision, Mission, goals of various study programs, delivery means and assessment objectives, and contribute to the realization of the same by sincerely and actively participate in the relevant institutional activities. Complete faith in the university system and services. Constant self evolution of the efforts and rewards may benefit his personality.
Role of the University To provide platform for the holistic development of every student of the university. To set a vision, goal, mission of the university and ensure that every student is covered. It should meet the challenge not only of the present but for the future generations too. Every student is important and his every effort is counted and awarded. This is the underlying Principal of success.
Each and every student has some or the other faculty which needs identification, grooming and sincere efforts on all fronts. It becomes a reality say after 10/15 years. This fact can be verified by the experiences of i.e. teachers themselves and students to whom they have interacted.
University should provide complete element of academic, sports, and administrative pursuits. Develop all possible opportunities for engaging in discovery, creation, refinement, dissemination and preservation of knowledge. A good Counseling and Placement Centre is must or very important and is the need of the hour. Other Programs keeping in view the goals and perspectives of the University and expectations of the society.