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Co-Educational Institution
Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla-5
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India Grade 'B+'

An educational institution can survive and progress with good and positive student support. Therefore, students at all times need to be motivated to utilize their energy, talent and other skills in a productive and constructive way. Students should be innovative and open to learn new technologies. Knowledge of Computer Science students should not just be limited to their syllabus but they should be aware of all the technical advancements and research in the area .Students should always think of automation so that the society can get rid of all manual tasks in all fields. . The department pursues active groups in several frontiers of Computer Science like web designing, office automation and programming. Major focus is how a problem/project can be executed in minimum time and greater focus is laid on generation of new ideas though creativity of thoughts .Students are encouraged to take up projects that would enhance their technical ability. Revolution in Computer Science has greatly influenced the society, economy and culture. The department is indeed special, offering students and faculty an unusual blend of high expectations and exceptional quality of life. The department is laced with modern ICT tools and equipment that include web conferencing devices, projectors, interactive boards, digital podium and high speed leased line, VPN and broadband connection. The college provides BCA and BSc (Physical Sciences) with Computer Science as an optional subject and B.Sc. (Computer Science).All these. Courses are of three year duration. .

H.O.D. (Computer Science)